Clipd Beaks' “Blood” and “Vision”

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Clipd Beaks, To Realize album art

It's been a minute since we heard from Clipd Beaks, but seeing as Hoarse Lords was one of our favorites of 2007, it's with a bit of anticipation that we give you this two tracks off the upcoming album, To Release (Lovepump United).

Regrouping after shedding a member, these songs see the Oakland-by-way-of-Minneapolis trio a bit less angsty in their quest for unravelling rock tunes, pulling out a bit of the noise and grit from “Blood”, allowing space for textural subtleties and locking into a lucid groove.

“Visions” comes off more vintage Clipd Beaks, but with monk-like baritone drones and a single vocal line repeating like a mantra, plus some nice falsetto that had me thinking there was a new lady in the band.

Clipd Beaks, “Blood”

Clipd Beaks, “Visions”