Clipping remix Foot Village's “This Song Is A Drug Deal”

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Foot Village Clipping Remix

It's Clipping remixing Foot Village, bitch! It was a member of Foot Village who introduced me to Clipping, so it's not so far-fetched to learn that Clipping remixed an upcoming track on FV's Make Memories record. There's other connections to be drawn though.

Imagine a manic arrangement of red string linking the folk punk of This Bike is A Pipe Bomb's fascination with '60s civil rights movements and racial equality to the Oakland mindstate of The Coup's Steal This Album, then it interacts with the communal experimentalism of another Oaklander in tUnE-yArDs, thus finding kinship with Foot Village's drum-n-shout assemblage in LA and oh my god, now we're in LA and it's Clipping, bitch! To us, it makes sense and is all part of the grand conversation. Tune in or tune out.

Clipping's remix maintains the spirit of Foot Village by limiting the production to percussive assaults, while Daveed Diggs spitfires a hundred hand to hand exchanges of WMDs caps, white baggies, medicinal capsules, and tab sheets in three-minutes. Guaranteed to fuck you up.

Pre-order Foot Village's Make Memories LP at their Bandcamp via Northern-Spy. The Clipping Remix will be featured on a Make Memories bonus album strictly for pre-order customers. The bonus album will feature remixes by Book & Record, Books on Tape, and No Age.