Co La, Ecsatic Sunshine's smooth lil' brother

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Co La is Matthew Papich

Matthew Papich has been a staple of Baltimore's musical explorations over the past several years. Founding member of Wildfire Wildfire and current sole proprietor of the Ecstatic Sunshine moniker, Papich's new project is called Co La.

This exotic breed of “new anything” music can overflow any dance floor with fresh revelations and bright colors from an era that is familiar yet intangible. While these sounds can move bodies, they are also capable of putting you in a transient state ideal for the type of sunshine found this time of year. Ken Seeno of Ponytail says he'd like to take in Co La's sounds “while a Rube Goldberg Contraption pours fresh coffee and makes hot waffles.” So, there's that too.

Co La, “Smooth Solidarity”

Co La's second physical release comes via Baltimore's Friends Records, and features highlights from a variety of work that he's been churning out at a prolific rate. It's dubbed Dial Tone Earth, and you can listen to the premiere of the whole album here:

A whirlwind of deconstructed dub, pop, soul, and everything else — this is the type of album you bring to an intergalactic dance hall. Shiny melodies cascade over zonked-out and repetitive rhythms which then transforms into something you'd swear that you've heard before, only it has yet to exist in this universe.

Dial Tone Earth will be dubbed to tape and available in May, pre-order it right here.

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