Cocktails, “Bob Pollard's Mind”

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Cocktails is always a lovely source for glam rock anthems, but they outdid themselves on topic alone with the recently released “Bob Pollard's Mind” from the upcoming Adult Life LP.

It's not quite clear of Cocktails are referring to the actual friends of Robert Pollard, his Dayton-famous drinking buddies that assisted in the stifling output of Guided By Voices recordings, or if the reference to Bob Pollard's mind is a metaphorical interpretation of listening to Alien Lanes, Bee Thousand, or whatever GBV record grabs you—maybe it's Vampire On Titus? Whether its a GBV record or a solo Pollard album, the experience remains the same: Bob Pollard's psyche at large. Cocktails ponder what ever happened to the social circle guided by the voice of Robert Pollard, and we can only theorize that they are still out there quietly going about their days with the inside scoop on the meaning of Devil Between My Toes.

Recorded at Fuzz City Studios with Rob Good of Warm Soda, “Bob Pollard's Mind” is flush with the warm grooves of power pop, well-aligned with a signature Cocktails sound.

Cocktail's Adult Life is out June 17 on Father/Daughter.