Cold Beat, “Worms”

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cold beat

Cold Beat, the singular project of Grass Widow's Hannah Lew, is a project so accurately titled we couldn't have come up with something better ourselves. The first single from Lew's upcoming EP, “Worms”, brings life to sharp, fast beats, and a melody-driven, ecstatic guitar line, that all turn up like an icy run through the park in late fall. Cold Beat markets on sweet pop and compressed hi-hats, both which fly by at lightning-fast speeds, and never too ready to commit to length, the first track is over before you know it. It leaves a remarkable residual pop shine in its wake. Inspired by the passing of her father and with an undercurrent of a science-fiction storyline, this project of hers is no shallow endeavor, as pop music—despite its at-first-glance deception—never is.

Worms/Year 5772 will release via Crime On The Moon on November 5.