Cold Country, Willow

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A healthy mix of folk storytelling and instrumentation, Willow is the upcoming release of Austin-Chicago fused Cold Country. Surprising listeners with unexpected guitar solos, tracks like “Song of Leaving” place an impression of smoothly composed experimentation. Varied vocals throughout, Willow delivers a sound that is far from your typical folk record.

Paced to an organ in the background, “Valerie” is an emotionally tense footprint in a climb toward the end of the LP. Initially channeling a rather ‘country’ feel, “You & I” turns on dimes, with a rift that seems to lend itself to a curiously indie rock sound, rocking back and forth with its folk roots. Ascending to an incredible climax, “You & I” completes an at times mellow masterpiece, capping it off with a grand exit.

Brainchild Sean McConnell had a bit to say about the album as well.

Finally being able to put this record out this way almost feels like the closure I needed to move forward from these songs. Many of the songs being written a few years ago at this point, a couple of them even longer ago than that, it seems fitting that the transitions I was going through then are seeing me into the ones I’m going through now. I’ve been in a sort of “floating” phase since finishing the songs on Willow, but preparing for the release of the vinyl and all the touring we’ve done this year on these songs has really brought me back to it. It’s as if my feet have touched the ground again.”

Willow is released on Friday, November 19th. For more details on Cold Country, watch them on Facebook.