Comfy, “Poetic”

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There are palpable geographic roots in garage pop squad Comfy’s new track, “Poetic,” but not necessarily ones limited to their homebase of Utica, NY. Instead, they could be found in any town, in the garage below your childhood bedroom, where your older brother and his friends are talking about their day during a jam session.

Though as bright and catchy as the best pop song, “Poetic” eschews the verse/chorus / verse structure for something that sounds more vital. Frontman Connor Benincasa asks, “What’s the point of being poetic/when poetic isn’t what I feel?” over his agile bassline and sharp rim clicks from drummer Zeno Pittarelli (also of hip-hop duo Negative Death and solo act Bad Cello). The band layers on twee guitars and synth as Benincasa reviews his concerns: food preparation, surreality, and time’s inexorable march stand out. It’s almost more diary entry than it is song.

Almost, but not quite. Diaries are secret. They’re written in bedrooms and stashed behind bookshelves away from prying eyes. Comfy has committed this track to tape—it’s streaming below as part of a split with Skirts from Miscreant and Dadstache Records to be released on August 7th. “Poetic” makes Benincasa’s secret concerns public; it is a pop confessional. As they take their everyday concerns seriously, Comfy promise from their garage that even in its mundanity, the world is a deeply fascinating place.

Pre-order the split here and stream “Poetic” below: