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Breaking out of the gate with pure Kraftwerk arpeggios and gated snare snaps, don't expect any sharp turns: This race track is all smooth curves and infinite loops, right down to the subtly vocoder'd vocals and synth choir chords.

So if you want to bump this while you're gliding your hovercraft down the autobahn, don't forget to polish the decks before you go, because though your passengers might content themselves soaking in the totemic landscape, these tunes could inspire a whole new paradigm of robot dance moves.

The Computer Magic behind “Electronic Fences” is not a German automaton or an invisible forcefield, but a 20-year young girl named Danzie/Danz/Danielle who DJs sometimes in the Lower East Side and has some serious design chops, if her blog is an indication.

Computer Magic, “Electronic Fences”

You can check out more of her tracks at her Soundcloud page.