Crosss, “Golden Hearth”

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Subterranean tones played in gut-wrenching melodies and eerily distant, doom-infused vocals would seem like the perfect ingredients for an effectively gross metal track. Crosss, the Toronto-based psych-terror trio, take such methods to new heights in their single, “Golden Hearth”, off their forthcoming LP, titled LO, out May 26 on Telephone Explosion. Trebly, ridiculously gainy twangs in supremely low tuning start the track, moving in glacially-paced strums, its tone betraying the weight of the bass to come, dragging any mid-section through the ground into a lava-pit. Once in the fiery bath, a most menacing voice haunts overhead, like the audio-embodiment of Nosferatu—its shriller pitch doing absolutely nothing to alleviate the heaviness of the instruments, but rather, layering a demonic omnipresence over the whole scene. The main hook is simple in structure, but dips and flourishes into a strangely slower, plucked chorus, inquiring in different intervals, “What is that I […]?”