Curbside Jones, “FacetimeWithGod 1.8”

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There’s a sect of Hip-hop heads who generally recognize the term “bedroom producer” as a derogation- as if most all artists don’t start creating in their home. That’s why it’s refreshing to see pictures of Austin upstart Curbside Jones diligently working in his domestic lab, plugging away at a beat pad, crafting music that’s as industrious as anyone’s. He’s probably too busy creating outside the margins to worry about conventions or perceptions.

Jones has been steadily ascending with a boundary pushing, thoroughly intriguing fusion of hip-hop, dubstep and electronic music.

Jones dropped the 5-track Don’t Forget to Smile project in June, and looks to be gearing up for a new project, starting with the recently released “FaceTimeWithGod 1.8.”

Though the track is labeled boom-bap on Soundcloud, it’s anything but a straight-laced, hard-loop-and dusty-drum concoction. The warped soundscape relies on skittish percussion and a rabid synth before switching to a churning, dub-step inspired beat that sounds like the soundtrack to the sewer level on an old-school side scroller video game.

Jones rhymes over the entirety of the track with a rapid-fire, liberated flow, thrilling a listener with his delivery as much as the dense beat. He seemingly admonishes god by metaphorically noting, “every time I hit you on my Face Time I get static on my line,” while noting “”

Jones is a reflective rhymer who’s past could have jaded him, but he’s resigned to “let the world see his scars” because he’s “in tune with his inner god.” It certainly sounds like it.

You can listen to “FaceTimeWithGod 1.8” below.