Daft Punk's Electroma out on VICE in fall 07 with… robots??

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Daft Punk has another one coming down the pike, but this time -get this- it's got something to do with ROBOTS. Quote:

“Daft Punk's Electroma [out on VICE Records in fall 07] is an odyssey of two robots (played by Peter Hurteau and Michael Reich) who journey across a mythic American landscape of haunting, surreal beauty on a quest to become human. Their symbolic quest …takes them from endless two lane highways to small idyllic towns to the arid desert…”

It's sort of like Toqueville, you know? Frenchies travelling the American landscape to find out what we, and everyone else, are all about. Just replace traveling by carriages with giant hovercrafts made with disco balls and it'll start to gel. Actually, the plot summary on wikipedia notes that Hero Robot No. 1 and No. 2 arrive to America in a 1987 Ferrari 412 and, after attempting a fake human-latex look that melts in the sun, they end up wandering in the desert until they both get bored with being robots and blow themselves up.

The silent film debuted at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, and according to the press release, functions more like a montage of singular images than a narrative, though Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are credited as directors of “their first feature film.” You can see some of the gorgeous, cinematic eye candy at you tube:

Electroma Teaser 1
Electroma Teaser 2

Note that the music is NOT by Daft Punk.