Dan Bodan, “Soft Pink Spiritual Mix”

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dan bodan

On Dan Bodan’s “Anonymous” single, he wrote from the perspective of a hacker whose craving for uncovering the secrets beyond the password screen leads to heartbreak. This is how we break down in the modern world. We’re catching up to science fiction, living in a reality of fantasies once feared as a distant future. Bodan’s “Anonymous” lingers on the dual refrain, “I’m invisible / you’re invisible” and either way, the anonymity is crushing. But our modern lives, the global interconnectivity make loneliness a virtual reality.

With Dan Bodan’s “Soft Pink Spiritual Mix” he opens with an excerpt from the Hindi film Devdas. A fan of William Gibson novels, Bodan’s lapse into the ambient science of Howie B’s “Music For Babies” and Low Concept’s “Bugz (Alex Coulton Remix)” would sound at home in a Virtual Light OST. But, Bodan is not simply auditioning for a Gibson adaptation curation, the deep house of Europe, specifically his Berlin residence creeps into the fold with cuts by Draveng and Forever Traxxx. Bodan has crafted a journey that maps a spiritual course through a global vision of music’s transformative powers. The mix reminds us of the vast catalog at our finger tips, written in a universal language so that it requires no translation application.

Dan Bodan Bodan’s Soft is available for preorder through DFA Records.

Track Listling:
01 Devdas OST, “Dola Re Dola”
02 James K., “Drunktrack”
03 Low Concept, “Bugz (Alex Coulton Remix)”
04 Howie B, “Music for Babies”
05 Draveng, “Dubious Smink”
06 Forever Traxxx, “Tom/Port”
07 Karin Krog, “Hymn To Joy”