Daniel Kerr, Don’t Die

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Listen to Daniel Kerr’s album Don’t Die, exclusively on IMPOSE. His wispy vocals, paired with twangy, loud guitars are reminiscent of the band Muse, with the meditative quality of postmodern classical music, Philip Glass style.

Kerr is currently unsigned but has several years worth of experience playing music. The Boise native and quietly prolific musician played with the band Atomic Mamain the past, whose members went on to play with Built to Spill and Youth Lagoon. On Don’t Die, he goes solo, as a follow-up to his 2011 album The Orb. He was a 22-year old engineering student at Boise State at the time, and The Orb was a result of over ten years of an immersive interest in multi-instrumental playing, reports the Boise Weekly, describing Kerr as part of a new wave of experimental musicians coming out of the Boise area.

This is what Kerr had to say about the album:
This album was a way for me to explore feelings of depravity and sensuality without having to talk to people about it. I also have day dreams and messed up thoughts that spill into my head before sleep. I write better music shortly after one of those in-between moments. So that’s where a lot of the sound comes from. 

It’s a more personal record than I would expect from myself. I usually prefer songs to confuse me or at least be wrapped in some ambiguity with little truth-treats places thoughtfully throughout. I didn’t care about that on this record. I just wrote songs I felt. Then let the instruments and their melodies veil me if I felt too exposed.

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