Daphne, “Crooner”

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We have yet another premiere from Daphne, and it’s awesome. For those of you who don’t know, Daphne (Jordan Martin) is a Brooklyn local who is a multidisciplinary musician, poet, and artist. She attended Cooper Union School of Art and her work has been showcased in many, many places. Her latest offering is a track called “Crooner.”

The track feels very minimalist, in a good way. Guitar is combined with a little bit of drums, and the vocals tie it all together. It’s a slower song, but her voice pulsates with energy as it dominates over the instrumentals. The track builds momentum over time, starting out low and on the quiet side, and growing until she’s shouting at times, before it settles down again and the track ends.

Last Believer is out August 26th via Split Level Records, pre-order it here.  Come to the Daphne’s record release show on 8/27 at Shea Stadium.