Death metal + weed + puns should equal a better video

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Cannabis Corpse

Let me be clear, I wasn't expecting cinematic genius.

Nor was I expecting the music to be anywhere close to the technical ability or face-ripping nature of the band they punned their name from. But if you're in a death metal band who bases your whole career off of smoking weed, I was definitely expecting more than this.

Nearly 75 percent of this video is performance footage. Why? The song is called “Skull Full of Bong Hits”, you could've pretty much filmed anything and deemed it a “dream sequence.” Shit, give me 5-minutes and a skull full of bong hits and I could come up with 17 story-boards. Spoiler alert: There is one bong-related violent scene, but it's so piss-poor, you'll just be left shaking your head in disapproval.

Cannabis Corpse, the death metal gods are looking down on you in disappointment.