Desktop keep Detroit dancing the pain away

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It never ceases to befuddle me how Detroit's musicians are able to shrug off those economic woes and create exceptional dance music. Seriously Detroit, give up your secret!

Desktop is the dance pop collaboration, in the glitzy vein of Junior Boys, of Electric Six's Keith Thompson and The Pop Project's Zach Curd. I have no comment on Electric Six. Dick Valentine is my cousin and you don't talk about family. I have shared my feelings on The Pop Project before, so this collaboration pretty much cleansed my grudge-holding heart, mostly because this sound is a far cry from “Gay Bar” and covering the theme to Family Matters.

Desktop, “Fired Up

Detroit knows how tight money is for everyone. That's why Desktop is absolutely free to the digital world. Go to Desktop's website to nab two EPs. Although, I would not hesitate to pinch a few pennies to purchase the limited pressing 12″.