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dez & nobs

The rap duo of Dez & Nobs first made noise with Behemoth, which lived up to its name. The return is dubbed Rocky Dennis, which if you get the reference, only proves the lengths this group is willing to go to disregard prudence.

Grizzly State Records, the label releasing Rocky Dennis, is currently under construction, possibly due to the destruction Dez & Nobs curated. The duo's comfort zone is in brazen and boorish deliveries, both on the lyrics and production in a way that make upstate New York seem even less attractive.

“Kat Von D” is dedicated to the fresh ink kids, sleeved up, but see through as humans. Despite their own ink, Dez & Nobs are above the garden variety ink freaks – (so over barbed wire around the biceps). The tattoo fad backlash is long overdue and it's surprising relief Dez & Nobs are ahead of the curve. Are there people out there who really want to grow old with a chick with facial tats and a Slutallica emblem? Ink is cool, but have some taste, if not self-respect.

Rocky Dennis is out in April on Grizzly State.

Dez & Nobs, “Kat Von D”