Diet Cig, “Dinner Date”

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Hudson Valley punks Diet Cig deliver sugary songs that marry playful songwriting with honest, sincere emotion. Earlier this year, the duo, Alex Luciano (vocals and guitar) and Noah Bowman (drums) released their debut EP, Over Easy, five tracks chock full of catchy, infectious pop songs centered on Ivy League jerks, first apartments, and the fleeting love of adolescence. Live, the band delivers an energetic fearlessness that is confrontational, as Luciano dances around stage and slides across the floor. One thing’s for sure and that is Diet Cig can Shred.

“Dinner Date” is a self-aware ode to fleeting relationships, changing, and growing out of adolescence. Luciano’s vocals take center stage with a purging attitude, “I had the lamest date to the daddy-daughter dance / Maybe that’s why I don’t like to fucking slow-dance.” A steady build of distortion reaches a climactic burst of energy as Luciano howls with Bowman’s kit-bashing drums. This thematic, energetic songwriting epitomizes the power, joy and intimacy that are signature to Diet Cigs’ style. For example, Luciano sings and writes with a dose of playfulness and humor in her lyrics as she screams, “You know I’m scared like a third grader on a triple dog dare.” Diet Cig produce humorous, fun, power-punk songs that will continue to pilfer heartstrings. “Dinner Date” is the debut track from the band’s 7-inch that will be out on Art Is Hard and Father/Daughter Records on September 18.

Stream “Dinner Date” below, featuring a video by Laurent Hrybyk.

Sleep Talk/Dinner Date 7-inch is available for pre-order here.