Disintegrate into fuzz with Spectre Folk

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Spectre Folk is the primary solo moniker of Pete Nolan, perhaps best known for his rigorously cacophonous percussion as half of Magik Markers.

Especially in contrast to that band's often harsh improvisations, Spectre Folk seems bathed delerious langour: ghostly washed-out Americana, slow-burning guitar noise, and a deep hazy gloaming of reverb and static. Enjoy a new track entitled “Sat Around for Peace,” recently sent to my inbox and available for download below.

“Sat Around For Peace (This Time)” is off his new album, Compass, Blanket, Lantern, Mojo, an outing that offers eight forays into disolving psych-rock:

01 Falling Off the Map
02 Toot Toot!
03 Sat Around for Peace (This Time)
04 Ages Have Passed
05 Dusty's Rag
06 8 -foot Wings
07 Burning Bridge
08 Groovy Garbage, Man