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Dizzy Jaguars

Don't let the easy stuff on Dizzy Jaguar's recent, free-download full length fool you.

There's “Twin Blood Surfers”, an unfortunately named plunge into all that's redundant and clichéd at our current juncture of surf drum break beats, lo-fi haze and vocals in the sea cave. You could say the same with a track like “Cali Orange..” And on the other side of the same coin, they've got a hypnogogic 80s boner in “Waitin' on a Summer Day”, a track that's so embarrassingly silky and jungle beat that it's kind of punk.

Screw over-saturation. Your cranium can handle it. Here we go:

Dizzy Jaguars, “Waitin' on a Summer Day” (B-side trip-hop)

Dizzy Jaguars, “Djinni”

Dizzy Jaguars, “Cali Orange”

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