DJ Dog Dick's “Inspired to the Max” mix

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DJ Dog Dick

Max Eisenberg, aka DJ Dog Dick is known for fried (in the acid sense) noise rap that is prone to discover a few freak pop moments. It runs the gamut, it polarizes, and in some cases it even converts. Last month he released his debut The Life Stains, which served as the first frozen documentation of Eisenberg's madcap output.

As one might expect, DJ Dog Dick is into just about everything, particularly if it falls into the categories of terminally damaged or raw shit. His mix feels fitting of the press photo he sent along. Above Eisenberg is strutting through a swamp. In the duration of the mix, DJ Dog Dick keeps it weird, shoddy, and disjointed, as some tracks have flow or work in compliment, while others interrupt without apology. When one thinks of where he might have been inspired to make music that some have called slime-rap, we can look to his Friday Night mix to find Tha Alkaholiks's “Hip Hop Junkies” (feat. ODB) track. The noisey transmissions side of DJ Dog Dick? He begins with two Wolf Eyes tracks and later sneaks in Harry Pussy's damaged clamor of “I Don't Care About Sleep Anymore”. There's doses to be indulged throughout the mix. Eisenberg offered the following words on his mix:

This mix is a collection of songs and sounds that came to mind while making the mix, music I've enjoyed and been inspired by.

The Life Stains is out now on Hoss Records.

01 Wolf Eyes: Slicer pt 1 to the Clockwork Orange Theme
02 Wolf Eyes: Slicer pt 2
03 Souls of Mischief: Cab Fare
04 DJ Dog Dick: New Swing Music
05 Alkaholiks w/ Ol' Dirty Bastard: Hip Hop Junkies
06 Master Wilburn Burchette with Blood Meridian
07 Terrestrial Tones: The Sailor (Excerpt)
08 Imogen Heap: Hide and Seek
09 Cock ESP: Live Excerpt
10 Dead Moon: It's Okay
11 Harry Pussy: I Don't Care About Sleep Anymore
12 Gil Scott-Heron: I'll Take Care of You
13 Rolling Stones: Shattered
14 MetroZU: Arab Bomber
15 Lou Reed: A Gift
16 David Tudor: Rain Forrest