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DJ Food, Strictly Kev

Dude, remember when we were in college? Remember waxing politics in coffee shops while trip hop from Ninja Tune and the Mush label created an ambiance that soothed our jittery caffeinated minds, making the conversation all the more novel? Those dudes still make music, even though you never went into the Peace corp.

That's right, Ninja Tune is still relevant. DJ Food released One Man's Weird Is Another Man's World EP earlier this year. This month expect The Shape Of Things That Hum EP, which features the song “All Things Darkness.” Ex-DJ Food member Patrick Carpenter, a.k.a. Mr. P returned from a musical hiatus to remix the song three times. We have one of those remixes here for you! We're sending this one out to our favorite college coffee shop baristas who keep the java hot and like the beats that knock.

DJ Food will be just as busy in 2010 with a third EP and a full length in the works on NInjatune.

DJ Food, “All Things Darkness” (Mr. P Remix)