DJ JS-1 is tired of NYC(orny)

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DJ JS-1 is not happy with the current status of NY hip hop. His argument is that NY is not repping itself, but merely jocking the South's style and slang with little regard to what it means to be a NY emcee. It's old hat really. Ghostface made this argument years ago when D4L had a hit with “Laffy Taffy”. It's so old I am having a difficult time figuring out exactly which NY rappers are actually the cause of JS-1's concern. As curmudgeonly as JS-1 sounds, he seems aware of the deaf ear to his claims as his new album is called No One Cares.

Nonetheless, JS-1 gathered up Lil' Fame of M.O.P., Joell Ortiz and Freddie Foxxx on “Reppin' NY” to remind us how raw NY once was in the rap game. So, if you are still hungry for that classic Premier sound, still hungry for classic scratched choruses and still hungry for street rappers down with the Gangstarr Foundation, then “Reppin' NY” will snap your neck.

DJ JS-1, “Reppin' NY” (feat. Lil' Fame, Joell Ortiz and Freddie Foxxx)

DJ JS-1's No One Cares is out June 21 on Fat Beats Records.