Dog Leather's noisey scuzz-hop

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Dog Leather

Dog Leather is is the duo of Max Eisenberg aka DJ Dog Dick and Sewn Leather. I've had the pleasure of experiencing this unthinkable tandem live a few times now, and recently posted the video for the first single called “Troll Spray”. Their debut LP is now available via Ehse Records.

I had trouble choosing a track to share after my first few listens of the LP, as this beast beholds a multitude of righteous oddities that are worth a listen. I could have gone with “Gonky Monks”, which would have been an abrasive introduction to a duo that deserves it. Or, I could have chose “Stikky Yurple Stomp”, a peak into the more avant noise-hop explorations found on the record. Instead, I decided to go with “Do Gleat Her”.

Dog Leather, “Do Gleat Her”

This is the only track of it's kind on the LP, a spring-time hazer that goes down smoother than the rest of the scuzzy wonderment found on the Dog Leather debut. It seems to be the record's love song, a softer moment found within a piece titled Greezy Man and Stinky Man Meets Smutty Ranks On Tarantula Hill. Maybe not a fair representation, but peep the video for “Bad Poets Society” for a better idea of the LP's full scope.

Greezy Man and Stinky Man Meets Smutty Ranks On Tarantula Hill is out now on Ehse.