Driphouses' new Baked Tapes jam

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Driphouse is Darren Ho, the guy who played in Racoo-oo-oon but not the mutated duo-form of that band, Wet Hair. Instead here's his solo dream scores, Driphouse.

This tape was home recorded in Brooklyn in August 2009 “straight into computer soundcard,” with a Roland Alpha Juno-1 and a sweet delay pedal. The world's basically at Mr. Ho's finger tips with that potent one-two punch, and here he conjures barren landscapes and slow moving spirit vessels riding his woeful harpsichord melody. Like if Clockwork Orange was about sensitive kids driving around looking for meaningful new experiences instead of rape victims.

Driphouse, “Romati” (Excerpt)

You can grab the tape now at Baked Tapes.