Dunes, “Dirt”

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Dunes are the combined forces of Stephanie Chan (Finally Punk, The Carrots), Mark Greshowak (Talbot Tagora), Kate Hall (Mika Miko) and have been on our band to listen/watch for list for a few years now. We have championed their past EPs for Mexican Summer, LA imprint Teenage Teerdrops, Art Fag, Ooga Booga and their first full length LP Noctiluca, out now on Dean Spunt of No Age's PPM Records.

Today we present to you the premiere of “Dirt,” available off of the compilation Songs on Conceptual Art available now from the labels Awesome Vistas, Teenage Teardrops and Marriage Records. The story behind the conceptual album revolves around Crystal Baxley and Stefan Ransom 
encouraging musicans to write music based upon the ideas of Sol LeWitt’s Sentences on Conceptual Art from 1969, where Baxley and Ransom inquired of a musican to perform one of the 35 different statements. The dirt Dunes kick up here are washes of guitarsprayed in the washes and waves of rolling sandstorms blowing the past's glass into the shapes of today's indie crystals.

We are especially happy to premiere this song because Dunes are performing as part of Impose's Three Nights During the Con at the Casbah in San Diego this Friday, July 13 with co-curation by Art Fag Recordings. You you will also find the LA trio performing on the following dates, coming soon to a town near you.

15 Trunkspace – Phoenix, AZ
17 Club Dada – Dallas, TX
18 Mohawk- Austin, TX
20 Lamplighter- Memphis, TN
21 Knaves Graves, Atlanta, GA
22 WUAG 103.1/CFBG BBQ- Greensboro, NC
23 Philamoca- Philadelphia, PA
24 New Museum- NY, NY
26 Death by Audio- Brooklyn, NY
27 House Party- Ann Arbor, MI
28 Empty Bottle- Chicago, IL
29 Kitty Kat Club- Minneapolis, MN
31 Zoo City Appeal- Missoula, MT

1 Cairo, Seattle, WA
2 The Know, Portland, PR
3 The Knockout, San Francisco, CA