Duologue, “Talk Shop” (MS MR remix)

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Duologue's album Song and Dance gave us the single “Talk Shop“, the video rendition gaves us the over indulgences and humorous excesses courtesy of Greg Hughes. Today MS MR gets their mits on “Talk Shop”, focusing on the vocal chorus, the percussion stems, piano keys, and summons new and forgotten tribes alike to gallop from the new elevated audio evolution.

So in the capable hands of MS MR, Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow chop up “Talk Shop” to “work it out” and “talk it out” in new discussive terms. Certain sections of the revision find the dialogue of keys communicating synthetic counterparts, while every percussive component of consonance takes the exchange forward to a new level of understanding. The NYC remix introduces synthesizer notes indicative of the sleepless city to the Londoner's discourse play of prides and prejudices. Hershenow and Plapinger don't just make a remix ready for the conventional club work, as “Talk Shop” because multifaceted suite that slowly collects items of rhythm while having fun plastering the original vocals everywhere like a fly-by-night wheatpaste job.

Duologue's frontman Tim Digby Bell talked a bit about things in the works, recording Song and Dance, and thoughts on “Talk Shop” getting remixed by MS MR.

With “Talk Shop” sent out into the world with your album Song and Dance, how does it feel to have the single remixed with new tribal-industrial airs, courtesy of MS MR?

I guess are stuff lends itself to being remixed and it's always good to see what people come up with. This makes me think of viking hordes which is something I've never associated with our music to date so that can only be a good thing.

Favorite memories of recording the original song, and the album with Jim Abbiss?

We had access to a load of equipment which, if you've spent your musical career in front of a computer, is like being a kid in a playground. Jim had original synths and effects that we had computer emulations of, it was a real lesson in the importance of hardware. Also beating everyone at table tennis.

Tell us about the upcoming EP you all have in the works. What should we expect?

When you make your first record it's really a collection of music that can span years, all assembled together and given a name. Song and Dance had songs on it that were four years old and others that were four months. The joy of getting to do a second record is that it's a snapshot of where you are musically at a precise moment, and if you're smart you can hopefully present a piece of work that says something and has a voice in some way.

We also heard a rumor Duologue is hitting up SxSW this year, any other plans, hints, surprises you all can divulge?

I guess the bigger surprise is that we aren't actually coming this year, we very nearly did but we're holding off for some really exciting stuff in the pipeline so stay tuned.

Duologue's Song and Dance is available now via iTunes with a new EP available soon.