El MidaZ Affair

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El MidaZ Affair

Orlando MC MidaZ likes to seize mics and use his voice as the golden touch on records. He also likes to jack beats and drop “V.S.” records. His latest features the production of El Michels Affair.

We almost got fooled ourselves given the album art, but this is not a soul record. This is merely some of the finest soul production receiving the rapper treatment by MidaZ. He's a southern rapper, but he flexes a Philly style – similiar to Black Thought in rapid fire mode. He also drops a quite clever wordplay song in “Colors,” but he is a couple years late as Elzhi already did that concept on The Preface.

He is a day late on the color concept, but he exercises exceptional pen skills with some tongue-in-cheek wordplay on “Stereotypical Black Man.” MidaZ raps, “I'm black and I'm supposed to act like this/ and all police line ups are fitting my likeness,” while the chorus functions as a thesis statement to his diatribe, “I'm a stereotypical black man… I'm trying to ball, then chill and relax, man.” MidaZ flexes a sharp whit both as a battle MC and as a young man with some weight on his shoulders.

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MidaZ, “Stereotypical Black Man”

MidaZ, “Left For Dead”

MidaZ, “Creation”