Ela Minus – “dominique”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Colombian-born, Brooklyn-based techno pop artist drops radiant single off upcoming LP

Rising electronic music star Ela Minus continues to make a name for herself by the way she explores the shadowy emotional depths of house and techno pop. On her most recent singles, she’s fastened her defiant spirit and tranquilizing vocals into a symbiotic harmony with an arsenal of dark, flickering beats and contorting synths. Her highly anticipated debut LP Acts Of Rebellion is set to drop this Friday, and today she’s teasing us one last time with the album’s latest single – the woozy and strangely prescient “dominique.”

A bleary swirl of puncturing club beats and buoyant, shimmering synths, the track’s lyrics capture the mind-numbing motion of the COVID era: “Today I woke up at 7PM/ My brain feels like it’s going to break/ I haven’t seen anyone in a couple of days/ I’m afraid I forgot how to talk/ To anyone else that’s not myself,” she croons, as though in a hypnotized daze. Although “dominque” was conceived years ago, it nails the emotional listlessness of quarantine. And yet, Ela still manages to inject that simultaneous therapeutic feeling – the much needed reprieve from the struggles of the moment. It’s a radiant mid-tempo stunner to tide us over until the album drops.

Ela Minus’ Acts Of Rebellion arrives on Friday via Domino; you can pre-order it HERE. And get lost in “dominique” below.