E.M.M.A., “Kingfisher”

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London producer E.M.M.A. is set to release her debut full-length on Keysound Recordings this July 29, and before we can even jump into that work, we've got a track that she left off the record. “Kingfisher”, named either after the fish or my favorite beer, is a whirlygig of an electro song, taking influence from 8-bit Nintendo musicians, shiftier elements of grime, and wading through fields of modulation on dark synth boards. There's a 2-steppy backbeat and a thorough advancement into a high point, making the song's close its best achievement. As the cover suggests, E.M.M.A.'s music is colorful and vibrant, not sticking within one specific dance genre, but excelling at most.

You can stream “Kingfisher” here, or download it at XLR8R at this link. Then keep an eye out for her debut, Blue Gardens, at the end of July.