Eternal Summers, “Together or Alone”

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Venting doesn’t always mean screaming, as Eternal Summers illustrates in the new single off their upcoming album Gold and Stone, out June 2 on Kanine Records. Their fourth release since having formed as a duo in 2009 (and having since become a seasoned trio), this record promises to be Eternal Summers’ most earnest release yet, as is evident in the track “Together or Alone”. Pleasantly sunny guitar and a poppy rhythm section underlie what is otherwise a wholeheartedly hefty song, lyrically and vocally. What begins by sounding like a straightforward pop-punk song quickly and intelligently breaks into a somber banger, with vocalist Nicole Yun’s inquisitive, patiently demanding voice.

The weight in the vocals lies in how calmly and seemingly softly they are sung, emotively whispered, unveiling a certain pain behind lyrics like “I’m not the soul you own / Together or alone, this time we’re growing old,” and “I cannot satisfy all that you require / Nor can we rectify dead desires.”