Eternal Tapestry, your neu psyche-spacemen

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Eternal Tapestry

Nick Bindeman projects always get special love 'round these parts and the new Eternal Tapestry record is already the source of lost hours, zoned out on the carpet, drifting off into the soaring scuzz of extended stoner jams.

Since it can hardly be called a single, we'll say the maiden voyage into Eternal Tapestry's Beyond The 4th Door is “Galactic Derelict,” which a creeping sludge of feedback and stoned grooves. One might even say that ET's Thrill Jockey debut is a focused endeavor with “Galactic Derelict” channeling in at 7 minutes, as opposed to its previous record's 17 minute drone outs. Nonetheless, Beyond the 4th Door is surely going to come with an hours worth of idleness as you admire the incense smoke dancing in the peaking sunlight.

Eternal Tapestry's Beyond The 4th Door is out March on 15 Thrill Jockey.

Eternal Tapestry, “Galactic Derelict”