Evolfo, “Moon Eclipsed The Sun”

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Evolfo‘s sound has evolved since their early 2011 days in Boston, MA. The 7 piece’s lyrics have gotten heavy with the weight of the world, soulful inspiration oozing from every line. Relatively well known for their upbeat performance style in the Brooklyn borough, it’s a wonder that seven guys with this much talent haven’t caused more of a ruckus in the music industry. Their unique sound – distinctly characterized by a multi-person horn section – is fun, despite its often melancholy subject matters. The guys will be celebrating the release of their upcoming Last of the Acid Cowboys EP with a show at Sunnyvale in Bushwick on September 15, the day before their September 16 release. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of their latest single, “Moon Eclipsed The Sun” right here. Right now.

The song is definitely inspired by vintage psychedelic rock, starting off with chords you’d almost expect from a dance sequence on a Scooby Doo cartoon, among other – way more relevant – things. (Yes, we went there.) The vocals are so layered with angst and genuine emotion that you fall into the depths of the lyrics within seconds. It’s a very vibey song, something you can shake your hips to under a bed of stars on a hot summer night.

Evolfo expanded on the track for us. “We describe Moon Eclipsed the Sun as a psychedelic murder ballad. It hints at a distinct narrative but leaves plenty to be interpreted. The setting is like an acid western movie…At points it can be a really pretty song, but then there’s also fuzz guitar, organ stabs, and blown out drums that go ripping through the scenery. While we were writing this one there was an instance where we decided we didn’t want to box it in by labeling it with a specific genre since all these different things sound great together. Sometimes songs get bogged down when you try to cram all your favorite sounds and textures into them, but to us this one came out feeling really natural and well balanced.”

Last of the Acid Cowboys is available September 16th.