Eyedress, Egyptian Night Club

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Even without the proper papers, Phillipines-based producer Idris Vicuña is still managing to go international with Eyedress‘s brand new free EP Egyptian Night Club via his SoundCloud. Denied a visa by the EU, he offers up a surprise EP stream as an informal apology for the cancelled tour dates.

Beginning with dark, industrial-leanings courtesy of “Pussy Killer (Sexorcist)” and ending on a somber note with the soft, contemplative “Sofa Beds”, it’s an emotive album that spans universes. Filled with ghostly synths and his signature touch of ethereal, reverb-laden vocals, it’s as otherworldly and off-kilter as the wonderfully weird “Anything For Your Love (Alien Lap Dance)”.

Catchy, spectral and stymying, in Eyedress vs. the EU, our money’s solidly on Vicuña.