Fallen Atom, “I Don’t Really Mind”

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Charleston, SC native Fallen Atom has played guitar and bass for the likes of Skylar Grey, Elise Testone, Queen Latifah and more. Honing a jazz studies degree from the College of Charleston and Queens College, he crafted a whopping 100 song project in 2015 which spanned the range of hip-hop, R&B, and EDM around an electro-future bass core. He’s planning to release nine tracks from that project early next month.

The first of which is “I Don’t Really Mind,” a collaboration with singer Mike Larry Draw. The four-minute track is a lush fusion of trap with live jazz and soul elements.“Smoking on you is a drug,” Mike sings in his slightly gravelly voice, riding a fluttering bass groove before jumping into a rapid-fire rhyme. The melodic rhyming and soulful singing that Draw does on “I Don’t Really Mind” is a perfect fit for the melded soundscape.

Atom says he worked with Mike because he’s “open to progressive music,” which fits his style of looking to “push the envelope with genres.” The smorgasbord of sound that is “I Don’t Really Mind” is a promising exhibition of just that.

You can stream “I Don’t Really Mind” below.