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Power riff rock never gets old – F the naysayers. There's a reason generation after generation connects with Journey's “Don't Stop Believing.” That connection also spawns generation after generation to hate its generation for loving that god-forsaken song.

Fang Island's debut is so deliciously proggy, we're certain it will rock your Christmas (that's right, we're not saying “Holiday”) stockings off as you transition into the new year. The group began as an art school project in the prodigious Rhode Island School of Design – you know, that place where Talking Heads and Les Savy Fav formed bands. While, the band claims its aim is to make music without irony, we're resistant to the notion of that possibility. Post-irony happened. Claiming post-irony now would jump start a vicious wave of nü-irony and we don't want that.

Fang Island's press release claims the group makes anthemic power pop that we wish Journey and Boston could have made – the kind that avoids cheesiness. We'll concur that Fang Island pulls it off.

Fang Island's self-titled debut is out February 23 on Sargent House.

Fang Island, “Life Coach”

Fang Island, “Daisy”