Film Skool Rejekts, MInd Ya Business

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Mind Ya Business

EPMD originated being about your business in hip hop and penned over a dozen classic tracks, including the anthem for aspiring rappers trying to get a tape in an A&R's office. “Please Listen To My Demo” recounts the days when the car broke down on the way to the radio show and the triumphant moment of signing to the legendary label Fresh/Sleeping Bag Records.

Also hailing from Long Island is Film Skool Rejekts, a trio that consists of Future Joyner and DJ Prince on the mic with Cyrus The Great on DJ and producer duties. The group is celebrating its kinship and appreciation for EMPD with a tribute to Eric and Parrish called Mind Ya Business, which might be the only “business” related album title EMPD never coined. The tribute mixtape reworks classic EMPD cuts like “Big Payback”, “You're A Customer” and of course, “Please Listen To My Demo”. The entire mixtape mines the EMPD catalog with original production on tracks like “Rampage”, “So Whatcha Sayin” and “The Joint” kept in tact. Lyrically, DJ Prince and Future Joyner bare damn near identical styles to the original Makin' Dollars crew. Whether FSR are getting into character or they are the reincarnation of E & P, this tape stays on point.

Film Skool Rejekts, “You Gotsta Chill”

Download Mind Ya Business here.