Flesh World, “Poolside Boys”

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An underworld drenched in reverb is much more romantic and much more desirable than a world of plain tone, or at least such are the views of Jess Scott and Scott Moore, formerly of Brilliant Colors and Limp Wrist, respectively, who together formed Flesh World. The San Francisco duo-made-quartet’s newest single, “Poolside Boys”, from their forthcoming album The Wild Animals in My Life, exudes an even more honed deterrence from Moore’s agitated hardcore history, and a full, graceful swan dive into Scott’s previous Slumberland dream world, with confidently compassionate vocals atop complex and layered instrumentals. Background aerial tones paint the sky wondrous, while soft-spoken palm-muting cultivates a tangible frontier, both turning to hazy unrealities in certain refrains.  The Wild Animals in My Life is out June 2 on Iron Lung Records. You can stream “Poolside Boys” below.