Fluent ft. Blu, “Make It”

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On this Halloween, many can agree that there’s little scarier than trying to ascend in an industry of treachery and self-serving agendas—AKA pretty much any industry. It’s even harder for many youth to get past the obstacles placed in their way by downtrodden surroundings. Few can speak for that better than Blu, an LA native and veteran of the Hip-hop game for more than a decade. He recently teamed with NC to California transplant Fluent to put it all in perspective on “Make It.”

Over producer J.Cardim’s murky, furious horns, Blu expresses the pitfalls of bad priorities and a warped sense of what “making it” means. “Too many kids try to do this for some new kicks, and a new fit, a new chick and a new chain,” Blu notes.

Fluent follows up with a melodic verse in which he speaks on the envious with “fire in they eyes” towards his positive progression. He also speaks on grindin’ all his life, “from California to Budapest.” “Make It” is the second single from Fluent’s upcoming Carolinafornia LP.

You can listen to “Make It” below.