Fog Lake – “Jitterbug”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Newfoundland singer-songwriter announces new LP, shares haunting lead single

Over the last ten years, Newfoundland singer-songwriter Aaron Powell has crafted pastoral lo-fi indie under the moniker Fog Lake. We were big fans of his most recent album, 2018’s poignant Captain. Today Powell has announced his forthcoming sixth LP Tragedy Reel, arriving on April 23 via Orchid Tapes, and he’s also shared the album’s lead single, the hauntingly gorgeous “Jitterbug.”

The track is an introspective piano-led stunner that conveys a nostalgia for a Romantic past, accompanied by gentle acoustic riffs and wafting Casio synths. “This town lights up nobody at night,” Powell croons, describing the feeling of isolation and solitude that comes with living in a desolate place. It’s a ballad that reflects concurrently on his past and present – another powerful slice of folk-tinged indie.

Fog Lake’s Tragedy Reel drops April 23; you can pre-order it HERE and get lost in “Jitterbug” below.