Foot Village, we will wag the dog for you

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Who can resist an @ entreaty from Foot Village? We sure can't. This track opens with the 20th Century Fox drum ditty before launching into the sort of boy-then-girl screaming that is quintessentially Foot Village, but y'know, this track, recorded last year for a limited 7″ that hasn't really leaked digitally (until NOW), was a preemptive dis track aimed squarely at High Castle, obviously. We're pretty sure the dis comes when they're like “When you see me at the club be like uhh / When you see me at the mall be like uhh / When you see me on the streets be like uhh / When you see me at the bank just SHUT UP.” It could be later though, when they're just screaming “SHUT UP.” You decide.

Foot Village, “Clubtraxxx i-iii”