Frankie Teardrop, “Get It (Kelly)”

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Minneapolis quartet Frankie Teardrop return from short hiatus with a new single, “Get It (Kelly)”. The self-appointed “Frankie’s boys” have spent the last year opening for nearly every buzz-band to come through the Twin Cities, including a Midwestern tour with Portland’s Mean Jeans. Created in the image of a fictional post-punk Hamlet from the song “Frankie Teardrop” by Suicide, frontman Jordan Bleau performs as a living caricature of his namesake, and with his long blonde hair and impenetrable Ray Bans, he could very well be the sunburnt ghost of Joey Ramone. While the slack jaw vocals and stop-n-go verses on “Get It (Kelly)” are clearly steeped in late 70s punk, the searingly bright and twitchy guitars are rich with chorused timbre and new-wave radio sheen. The band’s split 7” with Designer from Boston label BUFU Records drops this Spring. Stream “Get It (Kelly)” below and catch Frankie Teardrop on tour with Peach Kelli Pop in April.