Frau, “Mira”

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After falling during a Sleater-Kinney set earlier this summer, Carrie Brownstein quickly got up without missing a beat and later tweeted, “I play music for the stumbles and messiness in life as much as I play it for the steadiness and beauty.” Stumbles, messes, and railings against order and control are tenets of punk that London-based Frau, featuring members of Good Throb, have embraced fully. The four-piece hardcore punk band has just self-released their 7” single “Mira”, featuring four pounding tracks all under a minute-and-a-half. The title track begins with an attacking guitar underneath an unidentifiable squeaking noise. The sound reappears throughout the entire song, as the band takes defiant ownership of ugliness and imperfection. On “EBD”, vocalist Ash goes on a censuring tirade that sounds akin to the powerful, raw energy in the vocals of Katie Alice Greer from Priests. On the final track, “Who”, the band asks, “Who do you want me to be?” Even though the question is posed repeatedly, the anger in Ash’s voice and the relentless drums and bass belie the band’s interest in actually hearing what you have to say.

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06 New York, NY
07 Boston, MA
08 Montreal
09 Toronto
10 Chicago, IL
11 Columbus, OH
12 Washington, D.C.
13 Philadelphia, PA
14 Baltimore, MD
15 Richmond, VA
16 Atlanta, GA
17 New Orleans, LA
18 Austin, TX
19 Monterrey
20 San Luis Potosí
21 Guadalajara
22 Mexico DF