French For Rabbits, “Goat”

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French for rabbits

Having already made waves in the UK with their Claimed by the Sea EP (winning Best Folk Album at the 2013 New Zealand Music Awards), NZ dream-pop duo French For Rabbits are creeping oversees with a name that's far more boisterous than their darkly hushed and contemplative folk sound. On “Goat”, side A of a forthcoming 7″ single, vocalist Brooke Singer raises her voice barely above a whisper to speak hard truth about relationships, putting it simply: “It's not like I have a heart of gold/but I'm honest to a fault/and I'm stubborn as a goddamn goat.”

“Goat” comes out May 27 on 7″ vinyl via Lefse Records/Fat Possum, followed by the band's full-length debut this fall.