Impose meet Farmer Dave Scher

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I think it is safe to say that we are pretty big fans of just about everything Farmer Dave Scher has ever done. For those not keeping score, that includes the finest psychedelic Americana of the 00's in the band Beachwood Sparks, the criminally underrated All Night Radio, and work with names like Elvis Costello, and Interpol. Now Mr. Farmer Dave goes the solo route with the upcoming Flash Forward to the Good Times on the always reliable Kemado Records, and if I might say so, it's an instant summer necessity right up there with Dennis Wilson, surf rock 45's, sunscreen, and, y'know, beaches.

Tonight, in Gowanus—which is a tiny nook in Brooklyn, USA—Impose will be presenting the official listening party for this future classic, with giveaways courtesy of Kemado.

To add to the extreme awesomeness of the evening, Dungen, Woods, and Ducktails will be playing in the main room of The Bell House, and this little band named Animal Collective will be playing up the street in Prospect Park. All night long, from 9pm till the break of dawn, Impose is The Selector, and we plan to party.

Farmer Dave Scher, “Bab'lone Nights”