Fungi Girls, “Owsley Knows” and “Turqoise Hotel”

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These two new Fungi Girl tracks tumbled out of the blogs this week like kids uber-psyched school's almost out for the summer.

Pre-mature wishes from the children of my similes, but these tracks hold that restrained potential energy of juniors in high school who know they still have one more year to slog through after their summer of adolescent fuggery during which they have time for nothing but getting blasted and writing new tunes that range the gamut from crunchy rock jams to more like mature-beyond-their years “Owsley Knows”.

Buy the 7-inch version of “Owsley Knows” on Group Tightener and “Turquoise Hotel” on HoZac.

Fungi Girls, “Turquoise Hotel”

Fungi Girls, “Owsley Knows”