Gabrielle Aplin, “Miss You”

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Today, amidst one of the most chaotic and intense election weeks in the history of the United States, England’s multi-talented musician Gabrielle Aplin released her new single, titled “Miss You”. The static at the beginning gets us in the mood for nostalgia, while a catchy beat thrums along almost immediately. Gabrielle’s gorgeous, light but raspy vocals take over the track while she speaks to what turns out to be an ex-significant other.

Lines like “so what you been doin’? I’ve been lovin’ my life waking up on my own / Are you doing the same thing? You can say if you like, but I don’t need to know / I have been wondering why we’ve been wasting all this time” establish her as fiercely independent, while it is followed up with words like “oh God, I miss you to / It’s all I ever do.” This sentiment is something anyone who has gone through heartbreak has known at one point or another, so it’s no secret that the subject matter is an empowering and uniting one. Blend that with the fact that the song is so uniquely and beautifully produced, and you’ve got yourself the next best (emotional) dance track.

Cheers, Gabrielle.

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