Genders, Phone Home

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Portland’s dream pop collective Genders is revving up for their sixth release in four years. Yup. They’re really killin’ it. And guess what? We’ve got the exclusive premiere of their Phone Home EP in its entirety, and we’re letting you listen to the 5-track work ahead of its Friday release.

Soulful, mid-tempo electric guitar sets the pace for the EP in “Cosmic Zeros”, before vocals set in with “I’m reading Cliff Notes to deny myself the pleasures of culture / No I’m not feeling very social tonight.” Those first lines alone all but hit you in the face with the reality that Phone Home is a lyrical dream, with a collection of well-educated references. “Life Is But A Dream” sounds like a cross between an 80’s synth masterpiece and slow surf pop in its composition, ethereal vocals delivered with reverb that will carry the song into all of your dreams, daytime and otherwise.

“Never Belonged To You” starts a little harsher, bringing in more of the rock vibe that the band holds claim to. The guitar riff at the beginning gives us major Jimi vibes, and then the vocals are even lighter than its predecessor, but somehow it works. “Jeepers” is lower, quieter, and has more of a psychedelic feel to it. It’s definitely a song you can take hallucinogenic drugs and lay on the floor and ponder life to. The EP rounds out with the track “Death Beds”, the perfect title for a Halloween week release. Strangely enough, it is quite upbeat with frantic instrumentals playing as if they’re trying to nail Jell-O to the wall. It really gets your heart pumping, and prepares you for the layered melancholic vocals that set in at 1:15. “I try and try to understand what it means to be a man” is just one of the lines that indicates that this song is about miscommunication and a broken heart.

Tour Dates
November 3rd // Seattle, WA // Sunset Tavern
November 5th // Portland, OR // Mississippi Studios
November 7th // San Francisco, CA // El Rio
November 9th // Oakland, CA // The Night Light
November 12th // Walla Walla, WA // Main Street Studios
November 13th // Bellingham, WA // Wild Buffalo

Phone Home is out Friday. It is available for preorder now.