Generacion Suicida, “Inseguridad”

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Generacion Suicida Inseguridad

Generacion Suicida emerged in 2011 with a self-released demo and quickly established a reputation along the West Coast for rudimentary yet rousing punk, with downcast guitar melodies threaded throughout each lean, mid-tempo track. Since then, the South LA group has toured internationally and released records on a host of underground labels. Most recently, vocalist Tony Abarca connected with a member of the Japanese punk band Esperanza. At first, they arranged a merchandise swap, but the discussion evolved; eventually, Generacion Suicida were asked to tour Japan and release a three-way split with Esperanza and Solpaatos via Hardcore Survives. “Inseguridad”, which Abarca describes as a fraught love song, is one of Generacion Suicida’s two songs on the split.

“We’ve always loved bands like The Stalin, Gauze, and GISM, and I’ve only ever seen what shows are like in Japan through videos,” Abarca writes over email of the upcoming tour. “It’s kind of mysterious in a way, and I think that makes it exciting. It’s a country where we don’t speak the language at all, and that’s something we don’t run into often (as almost everywhere we’ve been everyone speaks either English or Spanish).

“Another thing to note is that we’re a Latin@ band. Not a lot of Latin@ bands tour (much less tour through Japan), so I don’t really know what to expect in terms of crowd reaction. All our music is in Spanish, but I don’t think this would alienate the crowds over there. I’m stoked to share my culture and to take in their culture as well.”

Stream “Inseguridad”, and scroll on for Generacion Suicida’s Japanese tour dates, below.

Generacion Suicida tour dates

18 K2, Okayama, Tsuyama, w/ Esperanza, Skizophrenia
19 Hiroshima, Border w/ Esperanza
20 Kingcobra Squat, Osaka w/ Esperanza, Centipede
21 Vortex, Mie w/ Esperanza, End of Seeds
23 Bar Ripple, Aichi w/ Killerpass
24 Woody, Niigata w/ Solpaatos
25 Club Sonic, Mito w/ Solpaatos
26 Earthdom, Tokyo w/ Solpaatos, Esperanza