Ghost Feet, “Back To The Grave Mix”

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Ghost Feet is the duo of Hobbes and Qloq, an electronic recording group with origins in the Pacific Northwest. Having formed in 2010 in Olympia Washington as undergrads at Evergreen State, Ghost Feet released the Wires And Chords EP in 2011 under then fledgling electronic label Dropping Gems. Hobbes and Qloq recorded a wealth of material in the four years since the EP and later this month the official debut arrives.

The debut Together Alone was recorded with vast distances between the two members, trading recordings via email from distant cities. In the album title and band name, there is the notion of presence and impermanence and the music recorded on Together Alone explores that binary of intimacy and isolation, the corporeal and abstract.

Clocking in at nearly 45 minutes, Ghost Feet’s “Back to the Grave Mix” offers a look into the evolution of the group as it honed in on the sound of Alone Together. “Back to the Grave Mix” is a collection of unreleased demos, sketches, and collaborations that needed to be done in order to arrive at the group’s current status. The band offers the following below:

“This is a collection of (mostly) unreleased Ghost Feet originals that we’ve worked on from 2010-2014, including our first collaboration ever (‘Howard Zinn’s Death’)! Releasing this to the public will let us rest easy knowing that those files won’t sit in the dusty corners of our hard drives any longer. Enjoy them, there are definitely some strange and wonderful selects in there.”

Ghost Feet’s Together Alone is out August 18 on Dropping Gems.

“Back To The Grave Mix” tracklisting:
Ghost Feet, “Olympia”*
Ghost Feet, “Hope Scope”*
Ghost Feet, “Liamworld”
Ghost Feet, “Adaptation”**
Gonjasufi, “Duet” (Ghost Feet Cover feat. Vadi Erdal)
Ghost Feet, “Voka”
Ghost Feet, “Unworthy”
Ghost Feet, “Lost”
Ghost Feet, “Sandy”
Ghost Feet, “Beesus”
Ghost Feet, “A Crow Told Me” (feat. Natasha Kmeto)
Ghost Feet, “Sigara 2”
Ghost Feet, “Howard Zinn’s Death”
Ghost Feet, “3rd Cone”

* — w/ Sonny Thomas
** — recorded at Dub Narcotic Studios, Engineer : Ben Hargett (Olympia, WA)